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VCam for Windows General FAQ

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about XSplit VCam

What is XSplit VCam?

XSplit VCam is a background removal app which removes video backgrounds without a green screen, blur background for enhanced focus, and give immersive presentations.

Can I use XSplit VCam for free?

Yes. XSplit VCam can be used by Free License users and you'll have access to all the background removal and replacement features. The only difference with the Free License is that there will be a watermark appearing on your camera feed and you will not be able to use content created with VCam for commercial use.

Do I need a separate license for XSplit VCam?

No. If you're already on the XSplit Premium Bundle, you do not have to purchase a separate VCam Premium license.

Does XSplit VCam send audio?

No. XSplit VCam only gets the video feed from your selected camera.

How can I improve XSplit VCam?

Here are multiple ways you can help improve XSplit VCam:

  • Send a rating and comment on our feedback form by clicking How do you like our app on the VCam window.

  • Contact our 24/7 Support Team for feature requests suggestions and report any bugs you may find.

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