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The XSplit Broadcaster Public Test Release is a great way to try out new and experimental features ahead of going out to the rest of the public. Please note that these features are experimental and are not representative of final release, users are advised to check the FAQ before downloading.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future versions of XSplit, suggest them here! Visit Support for FAQ.

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Broadcaster Public Test Release

Latest PTR:

  • Overhauled Sources Menu - A refreshed UI that makes adding new sources simpler with better categorization
  • Layout Wizard - Instead of working on a blank canvas, our wizard will help you set up a clean template where you simply add sources without worrying about positioning
  • Background Source - Choose from a library of backgrounds or add your own file to give your output some extra flair
  • Lower Third Source - No need for introductions anymore, give yourself a professional looking name card so everyone watching knows who you are
Reminder to keep: Remember, PTR builds are installed separately so it won’t affect your main XSplit Broadcaster installation.