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Month: April 2016

Traveling to or from The Airport-Which transportation Service Is The Best?

If you are planning to travel to and from the airport, and you are looking for advice on which transportation service to choose, then you have come to the right place.

Traveling to and from the airport has never been easier. If you want to depart or arrive in style, you will need to plan your trip and transportation service in advance. The three standard options that are available to you include a pre-arranged car, public transportation (buses & trains) and a taxi. You can save time and money by choosing a pre-arranged car service as it saves you time and money.

What is a pre-arranged car service?

A pre-arranged car service is simply a transportation service that is arranged ahead of time. A car is specifically booked and will be at the airport for the pick-up just for you. Read on to find out why you should choose a pre-arranged car service over a taxi or public transportation.

Why choose pre-arranged car service?

A prearranged car service and a taxi both provide door to door transportation. However, the former offers a more personalized service, with a well-mannered driver. Besides personalized services, there is no waiting time when you use a prearranged car service. Most companies that offer this service constantly track flights and monitor weather-related delays ensure you get prompt service should your flight land earlier than scheduled.

Another benefit of choosing a prearranged car services is that they are efficient and provides safe driving because there is no rushing back to pick another passenger. Also, cars used for this purpose are equipped with GPS tracking devices to ensure you are being taken to the right direction.

Last but not least, when you use a prearranged car service, you get a chance to ride with friendly drivers who guarantee a comfortable and safe ride to your destined location. They also have several options, which are available on requests such as Water, Child Seats, Newspapers and much more.

How to save money with a pre-arranged car service

  • Compare prices of different prearranged car service companies before ordering the ride
  • Consider the arrival and departure time. The earlier your flight is, the higher the chances of paying less
  • Choose the most affordable prearranged car. Note that the SUV rates are higher compared to sedan cars.
  • Before you order a car, make sure you have a fare quote
  • Note that usually, there is no need to give a prearranged car service driver a tip since it’s all part of the fare.
  • If a company is using a meter to calculate the total cost of services offered, you will need to pre-negotiate ahead of time.

Pre-arranged car service cost

The cost for a pre-arranged car service varies greatly depending on the level of service requested. It also varies with other factors such as travel distance, time of arrival and other add-ons. Most pre-arranged car service companies will give you a guaranteed fare rate in advance. Other companies use a meter and charge you based on the mileage traveled.

How to arrange for pre-arranged car service pick-up

You can book an advance reservation online ( or call their 24-hour reservation department at (888) 668-2526.

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